[How to make frozen beans]_How to make_How to make

[How to make frozen beans]_How to make_How to make

There are more beans in summer, but in winter, they are less and more expensive, so many people like to pick some fresh beans in summer and freeze them in the refrigerator until winterAt the time, the frozen bean jelly is also delicious. Of course, it must be thawed first, preferably naturally.

Let’s find out how to make frozen beans.

How to make frozen bean jelly1. Thaw frozen bean jelly, it is best to thaw naturally.

Do not use hot water.

If you are in a hurry, you can rinse in cold water.

2. At this time, you can prepare garlic. Be sure to prepare more garlic.

3, garlic peeled, can be mashed into garlic, some like minced garlic, not bad.

4. When pounding the garlic, you must put more salt and taste, because when you store beans, you usually choose tender beans.

5. Bean curd simmer in water. You can put cold water into the bean curd and cook for 3 minutes.

Some friends like to process them when they are stored, so you can cook them in 1 minute.

6, remove the beans, cold water, cut into sections, add garlic, dripping sesame oil on it.

7, if you like spicy food, you can add some chili oil, garlic, stir it.

8. Friends who like to eat dried tofu can add some dried tofu, which is very good.

Ingredients for Practice 2: Quick-frozen beans (disposable): 1 kg and a half, autumn potatoes: 8 two, pork belly: one or two and a half.

Seasoning: ginger, garlic (purple peel is best), salt, soy sauce, thirteen incense, aniseed petals, vegetable oil.

In fact, the preparation process: 1.

Wash, peel, and cut the potatoes into pieces. It is best to use a knife to cut into pieces, because such potatoes have a large contact area and are easy to taste; 2.

To make garlic sauce: Rinse 2-4 cloves of purple-skinned garlic, fold it flat on a cutting board with a kitchen knife, peel, peel, and then chop (choose not too small), place in a small bowl, add soy sauce, makeInto garlic sauce for future use; 3.
Cut pork belly into strips or slices, and cut ginger into slices, 3-5.

Focus on cooking process 1.
.Heat the oil on a wok until it is slightly hot, add pork belly and fry until it is 6 or 7 minutes cooked; 2.
Add ginger and stir fry a few times; pour in soy sauce to burst out aroma; 3.
Add potato pieces, stir fry for a while, let the potatoes taste, color, and fry until the soup becomes sticky (the potatoes are fried with starch) and stick to the potato pieces; 4.
Open the frozen bean jelly, pour it into the pot, and stir fry with the potatoes until the bean jelly becomes soft and dark green; 5.
Add water, then add salt, aniseed cloves, and thirteen spices, cover the pot and simmer until the potatoes and beans are cooked.