[I eat something deteriorating during lactation]_Postpartum_What to do

[I eat something deteriorating during lactation]_Postpartum_What to do

Breastfeeding women should take care of their bodies and avoid eating indiscriminately.

If you eat something that has deteriorated, symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea will occur, which will damage the acid-base balance in the body and cause serious harm to the body.

And it also has a bad effect on the baby, because the baby eats breast milk every day, and the mother is not well, and the baby will also get sick, so pay attention to eating habits.

Let ‘s take a look together!

1. Acute damage is acute enteritis, food poisoning.

Chronic damage is carcinogenic, liver and kidney damage, etc.

Deteriorated meat is susceptible to Salmonella infection. Rice, dried fruits, and oils are susceptible to Aspergillus flavus. Staple foods such as steamed bread are susceptible to mold infection. Most foods are susceptible to bacterial contamination. Vegetables and fruits deteriorate and accumulate nitrite.

After being infected by microorganisms, even if pathogenic microorganisms are killed by means such as heating, the toxins produced by microbial metabolism remain in the food, and the toxins will not be changed by heating.

So try not to use spoiled food.

2. Salmonella is a pathogen of dysentery and acute enteritis, and E. coli is a pathogen of acute enteritis.

Nitrite, mold can cause acute food poisoning.

Aflatoxin is an established carcinogen and an important pathogenic factor for digestive cancer.

3. The causes of food spoilage are various. They can be summarized as follows: food spoilage and deterioration caused by the reproduction of microorganisms; oxidative deterioration of food ingredients caused by the action of oxygen in the air; and oxidase contained in food.The effects of peroxidase, amylase, protease, etc., promote the progress of food metabolism, generating heat, water vapor and carbon dioxide, causing food to deteriorate; insects invade and reproduce and indirect and direct pollution of harmful substances, resulting in food corruption.

Among the factors of food spoilage, microbial contamination is the most active and widespread factor and plays a leading role.

The most obvious is that bacteria, fish, meat, fruit and vegetable foods have the most obvious effect, while food and pasta products have the most obvious effect with mold.