[How to peel big bamboo shoots?

]_How to peel_Peeling method

[How to peel big bamboo shoots?
]_How to peel_Peeling method

Bamboo shoots are actually picked for people’s consumption when they just grow.

Its nutritional value is very high, it contains protein, iron, calcium and other rich trace elements, and the content of crude cellulose is also very high.

Moreover, the quantum of bamboo shoots is very low, the content of adults is small, and the feeling of fullness is strong, which is suitable for people who lose weight.

Therefore, people like to buy a lot of bamboo shoots at one time, peel and cut them for preservation.

So how do you peel the big bamboo shoots?

Method for peeling bamboo shoots: 1. Prepare a bamboo shoot and a knife.

2. Use a knife to make a knife across the bamboo shoots.

Because you want to cut multiple layers of bamboo shoots at once, a sharp knife is recommended.

3. This line can be stripped directly after drawing.

4. After processing this way, the bamboo shoots can be peeled off all at once, which is very easy.

Method for peeling bamboo shoots: 1. First, use a knife to cut off the tail of the bamboo shoots.

2. Hold the bamboo shoots in the left hand (with the big head on top), and cut the skin of the bamboo shoots from top to bottom with the knife in the right hand.

3, put down the knife, with both hands along the open mouth to the two sides, the bamboo shoots peel off in one go, without peeling layer by layer.

The peeled bamboo shoots are not easy to keep, so you must eat them immediately. If you want to save the bamboo shoots, it is best to keep them.

When peeling, be careful to scratch your hands carefully.

How to keep peeled bamboo shoots fresh

After peeling the bamboo shoots, first wrap them in soft paper and then wrap them tightly in plastic wrap.

(The advantage of this type is that the bamboo shoots are also breathing. Wrapping paper in cling film is to leave a certain amount of water circulation space to maintain its freshness.) For bamboo shoots, freshness is very important because the more freshThe tenderer, the better the taste. It is best to store the bamboo shoots without peeling them first, and it is not easy to save them after peeling.