[Benefits and Disadvantages of Eating Yogurt]_Efficacy_Danger

[Benefits and Disadvantages of Eating Yogurt]_Efficacy_Danger

Yogurt is a favorite food for many people. Imagine if you are faced with two bottles of yogurt at this moment. One is strawberry flavor and the other is aloe flavor. Which one would you choose?

Strawberry-flavored yoghurt is delicious and sweet, but it has a high conversion. Aloe-flavored yoghurt is healthy and beauty, but the taste is deviation, which is really difficult to understand.

Yogurt is good for the human body, but there is a bad side. How much do you know about these?

How much yogurt to drink a day? The proper nutrition society recommends 300 grams of milk per day, which is about 1 cup of disposable paper cups, plus 1 small box of yogurt (about 100 grams).

Adults are advised not to drink more than 400 grams of yogurt, unless they are pregnant, nursing or adolescents.

In principle, milk and yogurt can be replaced in equal amounts. For young people, one cup of yogurt in the morning or one evening, or one cup of milk in the morning, and one cup of yogurt in the evening are ideal.

01 Precautions for drinking yogurt Do not heat the activity in yogurt. Milky lactic acid bacteria, if heated or replaced by boiling water, will die in large numbers, and even the unique flavor will disappear, and even nutritional value will be lost.

It should be able to accommodate the growth of lactic acid bacteria at a pH of about 2 hours after a meal.

Above 4, the pH value of fasting gastric juice is below 2. If you drink yogurt at this time, lactic acid bacteria will be easily killed and the health care function will be weakened.

If gastric juice is reduced after a meal, the pH will only rise to 3-5.

The development of oral lactic acid beverages after mouthwash in time will increase the dental caries rate of children. This is the role played by some bacteria in lactic acid bacteria.

Do not give your baby a reduced amount of calcium in yogurt, and the baby is growing and needs a lot of calcium.

Although the antibiotics produced by lactic acid bacteria in yogurt can inhibit and destroy many pathogenic microorganisms, it also destroys the growth conditions of beneficial bacteria to the human body, and also affects normal digestive function, especially for infants and premature infants with gastroenteritis.

Do not take antibiotics such as chloramphenicol, erythromycin, sulfa drugs and certain drugs for diarrhea with certain drugs, which can kill or destroy lactic acid bacteria in yogurt.

02What are the benefits and disadvantages of drinking yogurt every day? First, it can break down lactose and protein in milk, making it easier for the body to digest and absorb.

Second, yogurt has the effect of promoting gastric secretion, increasing appetite, and promoting and strengthening digestion.

Third, lactic acid bacteria can reduce the production of certain carcinogens, thereby having anti-cancer effects.

Fourth, it can inhibit the proliferation of spoilage bacteria in the intermediate, and reduce the toxins produced by the spoilage bacteria in the transformation.

Fifth, it has the effect of lowering cholesterol, especially suitable for people with high blood lipids.

The sixth is to prevent constipation by generating a large number of short-chain fatty acids to promote interconnected peristalsis and large numbers of bacterial growth to change osmotic pressure.

Seven is the value of weight loss.

Lowers blood fat and cholesterol, and inhibits human body’s absorption of feces. Yogurt also contains a type of lactic acid, which can effectively inhibit the proliferation of intestinal spoilage bacteria, inhibit the production of harmful substances, and promote the peristalsis of the intestines, which is of great value for weight loss.
Do not think that yogurt can reduce weight and drink it. No matter what food it is, stop drinking. Too much yogurt will cause too much acid in the stomach, affect the secretion of gastric mucosa and digestive enzymes, and reduce appetite.

Excessive stomach acid, often feel spleen and stomach Deficiency, bloating, it is not appropriate to drink more.

For healthy people, about 250 grams per day is more appropriate.