Can I buy futures ETF screen?

SDIC UBS Silver Futures Fund loses 9% over 4 years

Can I buy futures ETF screen?
SDIC UBS Silver Futures Fund loses 9% over 4 years

News from the fund circle: The first batch of futures ETFs came to Huaxia Dacheng Jianxin to take the lead. Huaxia Fund was approved. The first soybean meal futures ETF.Futures ETF and Linked Funds Approved Commodity Futures Fund Screen!

If you can make money, it is best to look at the source of TA: an old secretary. Today, the A-share market has seen a general rise, the broader market has recovered the 2900 point mark, and all major indexes have become popular across the board.

  The second expansion of A-shares into Morocco became effective after the market opened today. Northbound funds quickly inflowed late in the day, and net inflow funds reached 112 throughout the day.

7.1 billion yuan.

From the perspective of the plate, the agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, computer and automobile sectors led the increase.

  After the close, a big thing happened in the fund circle.


The old secretary said that the first batch of commodity futures ETFs came, and major financial news was screened crazy.

  What are the characteristics of the first commodity futures ETFs?

Can commodity futures funds really make money for investors?

The old secretary came to talk briefly about this topic.

  What’s magic about commodity futures ETFs?

  I have to say that in recent years, the pace of innovation in domestic public equity funds has been quite fast. It is also FOF, CDR, pension target funds, and science and technology theme funds.

Today, I played a new trick again-the first batch of commodity futures ETF funds were approved!

  The three commodity futures funds approved today include: Huaxia Feed Soybean Meal Futures ETF and Linked Funds, Dacheng Nonferrous Metals Futures ETF and Linked Funds, CCB Ease Energy Chemical Futures ETF Fund.

Feed, non-ferrous metals, energy and chemicals are all available.

  Analysts point out that because the changes in commodity prices are mainly affected by factors such as the global macro market environment and commodity supply and demand, the correlation with the stock market and the bond market is low, and investment complementarity is strong.

Commodities, as the most important type of assets other than stocks and bonds in the large asset allocation system, can help portfolios reduce risk conversion and increase the risk return of investment portfolios. All types of commodities have good asset allocation value.

  Prior to this, the only domestic fund that tracked the movement of commodities was Cathay Pacific, Boshi, E Fund, and Huaan. The four fund companies that tracked the gold spot ETF were linked, and the latest one established the Boshi Gold ETF dates back to 2014.

  In 2015, the first commodity futures fund, SDIC UBS Silver Futures Fund, was launched, but the Silver Futures Fund was a LOF fund.

  Can you really make money?

  The old secretary felt that although the replacement of commodities with traditional stock and bond assets can be used as an option for asset allocation, it is difficult for ordinary investors to make money from such funds.

  Let’s first take a look at the historical performance of the country’s first commodity futures fund, SDIC UBS Silver Futures Fund.

  SDIC UBS Silver Futures Fund was established in early August 2015. Since its establishment more than 4 years ago, the total return has been -9% and the annualized return has been -2.

3%, unfortunately the lowest among similar funds.

Its performance in the past 3 years, 2 years and 1 year is the worst of its kind. It not only underperformed the CSI 300 Index at the same time, but also was far behind by similar commodity funds.

If you haven’t done anything in the past 4 years, you are holding money funds such as surplus treasures stupidly, and the total yield is estimated to be more than 10%. What is the problem with the loss of 9%?

In fact, commodities are cyclical. If you do n’t follow the exact rhythm and want to make money from this type of fund, it is basically not fun.

  Commodity price movements are confusing, where is the bottom of the cycle and where is the top. It is basically an impossible task for ordinary investors to understand these issues.

Without further ado, let’s talk about domestic oil and gas funds.

  Lao Siji found that many small partners are paying attention to oil and gas funds and think that the bottom of international oil prices has come. Is it time to make a dip?

In fact, you think $ 50 is the bottom, but it is very likely that it is not the bottom.

Looking at the big cycle, if you observe the trend of oil prices after the 1940s, you will find that the price of oil itself will rise significantly in the market for several years, and the long plunge will fluctuate for years, even decades, that is,We often say the “super cycle” of a commodity.

  Regardless of the historical laws of the super cycle of commodities or the trends of economic and commercial development, perhaps for a long time, commodities are not the dish of most investors.

  In addition to the difficulty of grasping the cycle of commodity price trends, the rollover cost of futures funds cannot be ignored.

  Commodity futures funds are different from traditional stock and bond funds.The capacity of the commodity futures market is limited, and there is an upper limit on the number of commodity futures funds that can be tracked for the same target. In the process of operation, fund companies need to compile a large amount of redemption plan for the fund according to the capacity of the futures market.

In addition, the futures contract swap operation causes commodity futures funds to generate transaction costs. The silver futures funds currently in operation can cut futures rollover costs and hinder the effect of fund tracking errors.

Because futures prices are in stock and futures contracts have expiration dates, they must be forced to roll over.

There may be losses or gains during the rollover. Investors also need to consider the unique attributes of such funds.

  According to rumors, in addition to the 3 new funds approved today, there are 10 commodity futures funds waiting for approval, including sugar, copper and other varieties. If these products are also approved, ordinary investors will have more diversified investment tools.
  The old secretary said that fund innovation is good.

As an important asset class, commodity futures funds can also play an important role in large-scale asset allocation.

But how to make such products truly earn real money for investors is the 淡水桑拿网 most important thing.

  Otherwise, this is destined to be a niche breed.